The Open Man Site Updates


Some housekeeping items for readers of The Open Man, as we embark on the summer months. You may have noticed a dearth of content in recent weeks, but the lack of content isn’t due to a lack of production.

The Kensing family added a new addition on April 18, moving us three boys shy of a basketball starting lineup. That same week, I filed my first magazine cover story. You can check it out in the SEC and B1G editions of the Lindy’s Sports college football preview, for sale here.

The Open Man will roll out some new features and content as well in the coming weeks — some of which has already started for subscribers to our Patreon. You can support the site and get access to exclusive content, like this podcast featuring interviews with various college football players and coaches.

More of these long-form style podcasts featuring behind-the-scenes interviews will roll out this summer; some are early releases for Patreon subscribers, while others, such as the above, will be exclusive to Patreon. Supporters also have access to exclusive columns and commentary — some of which dropped during the hiatus, like this commentary on ESPN’s daytime programming, which implicitly sparked some vanity-searching controversy on social media. NICE! 

Subs start at just $1 per month, and go a long way toward helping the site with its plans for the upcoming college football season. 

A weekly The Open Man podcast series debuts this month. The 129 Things series continues heading into the college football season, and you can expect more features in the days ticking down to kickoff.