The Son of Rick Steiner is a Champion at Kennesaw State


I like to keep an eye on the Football Championship Subdivision every autumn, having fallen in love with that level during my time covering it. Yet, despite following Kennesaw State’s surprising rise to Big South Conference champions and run to the quarterfinals of the FCS Playoffs, it wasn’t until today that I knew the son of professional wrestling great Rick Steiner totes the rock for the Owls’ prolific, option offense.

The below is the genuine Big South championship ring of running back Bronson Rechsteiner, tweeted from Rick Steiner’s locked account (h/t @ChampJulius). That bit of hardware can join father Rick’s 22 tag-team championships, three WCW World Television titles and one United States championship in the Steiner family trophy case.

We’ve discussed the Steiners prominence in the Atlanta before here at The Open Man, pitching the Michigan Wolverines alums — and former World Champion Scott specifically — as a recruiting liaison for Jim Harbaugh down in SEC Country. Without tooting my own horn too much, it’s a great strategy; Scott Steiner is famous, after all.

The Steiners offer more than the prominence of their name to college football, though. With a new wave of analytical coaching schemes creeping into the sport, Scott Steiner’s wizardry with numbers could surely benefit an innovative program.

As for Rechsteiner’s numbers at Kennesaw State, he produced 445 yards rushing with a pair of touchdowns in his 2017 sophomore campaign.

Rechsteiner can be counted among an impressive club of other college football players whose dads dominated the squared circle. Before he was the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase — son of Iron Mike DiBiase — was a coveted recruiting game in Arizona. Years later, DiBiase’s former World Tag Team Championship partner Irwin R. Scheyster, previously Rick Steiner’s Varisty Club mate Mike Rotunda, watched as his son Windham play offensive line at Troy University.

You know Windham Rotunda now as Bray Wyatt — though the young man who lined up front for the Trojans was more Husky Harris.

Meanwhile, the ballyhooed Anoa’i Family Tree includes Miami Hurricanes star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, son of “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson; and All-ACC defensive lineman Joe Anoa’i, Roman Reigns, is the son of legendary “Wild Samoan” Sika.

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