Net Neutrality Benefits Us All, No Matter Our Team


I will keep this brief: The Federal Communications Commission votes on the fate of net neutrality tomorrow. If you are reading these words on The Open Man, this impacts you. Regardless where or how you follow your teams, this impacts you. It impacts all of us, no matter our team allegiances.

Internet access democratized journalism in an unprecedented fashion. This site exists because of that democratization. The Open Man launched in 2014 as The College Football Huddle, originally intended as an outlet for my college football musings beyond the Pac-12 reporting I was employed for at Bleacher Report. It was initially just my own creative outlet to provide commentary on a broader scope of the football landscape, but has since become so much more.

The freedom of net neutrality has allowed The Open Man to provide genuine sports journalism on the the tragedy at Charlottesville and its impact on local high school football. We’ve had dispatches from Cuba. The Open Man has told the stories of teams coming together in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes.

The Open Man is doing bigger and more ambitious work, and growing thanks to you, the readers. But, without net neutrality, an independent outlet such as this stands no chance against publishing giants with billions of dollars and political influence. Verizon and Comcast are those applauding the impending vote to overturn net neutrality; they have the resources to pay any fees ISPs might impose.

Call the FCC at 1-202-418-1440. Demand the continued protection for net neutrality not just for this and other independent sources of sports journalism, but for the entire internet.