A Plea to College Football: Naruto Run for a Touchdown in 2017


Hello, Openers. I come to you today not as a college football journalist, nor as the manager of The Open Man, but as a college football fan. And I have a very specific call to action: We need to see a Naruto Run for a touchdown in 2017.

This college football season has provided heart-stopping finishes, jaw-dropping performances and landscape-altering upsets. We are on course for the weirdest (in a good way) season since 2007. And that makes The Open Man’s mission of a Naruto Run touchdown especially fitting.

For those unfamiliar with the Naruto Run, allow me to refer you to KnowYourMeme.com’s explanation:

Naruto Run refers to the unique running style of the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki in the Japanese anime series Naruto, where he is often depicted sprinting with his arms stretched behind him.

And here’s visual representation of the Naruto Run in practice:

Football’s seen the High Step, the End-Zone Flip and the Walk-In. Would the Naruto Run really be that out of place? Rhetorical question: The answer is an emphatic no, it wouldn’t. But it would be awesome, all the same.

Just picture Bryce Love…

…Saquon Barkley…

…or Khalil Tate:

These are just three examples. It really doesn’t matter who goes Naruto on his way to the end zone in 2017; no matter if FBS, FCS, D-II, D-III, NAIA or JUCO, that player cements instantly legendary status alongside football icons like Ickey Woods and Deion Sanders, known for their touchdown celebrations.

And that’s why The Open Man is making a special offer; a Naruto Bounty, if you will. The first player to score a Naruto Run touchdown will be immortalized on this very website with a spotlight feature and NCAA compliant award.

It beats the Piesman.

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