The Worst: Iowa State-Texas Games


We all love the Iowa State-Texas game, right? RIGHT? HELLO! IS THIS THING ON?

Okay, not everyone gets all that excited about the Iowa State/Texas game. But it’s one of those weird Big 12 games that we see every year.

That said, it’s kind of a one-sided rivalry. Iowa State has won twice over Texas. Truth be told, this isn’t a rivalry that dates back to the origins of football. I would like to think there would be a lot of 6-0 wins and 0-0 ties if they played each other in the ’20s and ’30s.

These two teams played for the first time in 1979. They did not play again for another 19 years when both teams got together as part of the Big 12, merging the former Southwest and Big 8 Conferences.

Now, we can’t really label this the worst Texas losses in this series. It would be a really short column and bossman would use his Pac-12 intelligence to catapult me into the sun.

That said, I pick on Iowa State enough (for someone who kinda likes to watch them play from time-to-time). So to pick five Iowa State losses would be just cruel. Unfortunately, there is no tie in this series, so I’ll have to pick both Texas losses and two Iowa State losses. It will just be four games, instead of five.

Some of you might say this isn’t fair, but there are no rules to this. I make them up as I go along. It’s like “Whose Line,” only without the meaningless points and music games.

So let’s go ahead and get things going!

4. 2013- Texas wins 31-30

Ahhh yes, the fumble. The rant! You remember the game? I remember it! A lot of people try to block that game out of their head.

The reality is, who can forget this game? This was a bitter loss for the Cyclones and not one that then-head coach Paul Rhoads loved.

This was indeed a tough break for Iowa State, who had built its lead to 30-24 following a field goal with 3:40 left.

It’s easy to blame the refs for what happened in that game. I understand they make a good scapegoat, but it is what it is.

The Cyclones outgained the Longhorns 463-363 in total yards. They rushed for 201 yards. That should help you get the win.

Of course, Iowa State also had 118 penalty yards against Texas. You can’t do that and expect to win.

What made the loss tough for Iowa State was they were 1-2 at the time. A win would’ve put them at 2-2. Granted, they finished 3-9, but that kind of win would’ve been a nice boost for the Cyclones.

The win over Iowa State would be the last one for Mack Brown. Charlie Strong took over the next year and would have his chances to participate in this rivalry. More on him in a bit!

3. 2010- Iowa State finally wins one

At some point, you need to beat a conference opponent. You can’t just keep losing year after year.

It took four turnovers by the Longhorns, but Iowa State finally got it done in 2010. Garrett Gilbert was responsible for three of those turnovers, all interceptions.

Meanwhile, Iowa State ran for nearly 200 yards as a team. Alexander Robinson had 120 of those, along with two touchdowns.

Now Texas was down 28-6 early in the fourth quarter. Gilbert did get the Longhorns back into the game with two touchdown passes. Texas had one more chance late, but turned it over on downs, giving the Cyclones a win.

The Cyclones game led to four straight losses for Texas. They finished 5-7, putting them below .500 and missing a bowl game for the first time during the Mack Brown era. The last time it happened was 1997.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the only time a loss to Iowa State led Texas to finishing 5-7.

2. 2015- Iowa State shuts out Texas

This probably should be number one, but there was a worse loss on this list for us to go over. This game was 10-0 at halftime.

What did Iowa State do? They ran the ball…a lot! They ran it 54 times in the game, to be exact, leading to 238 team yards and two scores. Mike Warren had 157 of those rushing yards, along with a touchdown.┬áTo put it simply, Iowa State had more rushing yards than Texas had total.

The offense for Texas was…not very good. They only had 204 total yards, with 119 coming on the ground. Texas averaged 3.8 yards per play in that game. The sad thing, the Notre Dame game that season was still much worse.

This game probably should be No. 1. I’m sparing Texas on this one and I’m not really sure why.

1. 2007- Texas wins 56-3

Okay, maybe that is a good No. 1.

Iowa State scored its only points of the game early in the second quarter, courtesy of a field goal. It was 14-3 and the game was still relatively in reach.

Texas’ offense just exploded from there, going up 28-3 at the half, and adding 21 more in the third quarter alone.

Colt McCoy had four touchdown passes and only six incompletions.

Iowa State meanwhile had 228 yards of total offense. They turned it over three times. One of those plays happened to be a pick six by Brandon Foster.

Iowa State lost nine games in 2007 and that one arguably might have been the worst. This wasn’t a good game for then-head coach Gene Chizik, who was in his first year with the program. Of course, he didn’t stay too long in Ames and left for Auburn after the 2008 season.

What has Chizik been up to as of late? Well…

(Stats and info courtesy of Sports Reference)