Why Though: Did These Florida Players Really Think The Finesse Was Going To Work?


Every week, The Open Man’s Trenise Ferreira examines the topics around sports that are making us mad and asks: WHY THOUGH?

I Just…For Real, Florida?

Before the season started, we learned that a handful of Florida Gators would be suspended for the season opener against Michigan because of allegations of credit card fraud. Well, as of Monday, we know even more about the details of the allegations and whew, they are a doozy.

According to ESPN, starting tailback Jordan Scarlett, wide receiver Antonio Calloway and seven other players are facing multiple third-degree felony charges.

They stand accused of using stolen credit cards to add money to their UF bookstore accounts, which they then used to purchase items such as laptops, iPads, and Beats by Dre headphones. None of the athletes have been criminally charged and their status on the team hangs in the balance until the UF Police Department concludes its investigation.

Ok, so…I have questions.

First of all, what possessed these criminal masterminds to use stolen credit card funds…at their own school? Wouldn’t it have been easier and smarter to just purchase electronic devices in the wild, at literally any retail store? Did they really think no one would notice their ill-gotten funds being added to their school accounts?

Also, how did they all come up on stolen credit cards?! Did they have a connect just sliding them account numbers or did they commit the thievery themselves?

And lastly, just why, though? Why did they feel like was a wise choice?

There’s absolutely an argument to me made about whether this would have happened if student athletes were better compensated for their skills. But I don’t think that applies here.

According to the report, freshman offensive tackle Kadeem Telfort – who faces four third-degree felony charges of passing forged or altered instruments, 12 third-degree felony charges of fraudulent illegal use of a credit card and seven counts of third-degree felony use or possession of another person’s ID without consent – used the funds to have snacks such as Funyuns, Sour Patch Kids and Gummi Worms to his dorm.

That’s just ridiculous!

I just want to know why in real life they thought this was a good idea, and how they thought it would end for them? If I had to guess, I say it does not end well.

Butch Jones…Who You Mad At? In other news I am trying to understand,
Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones spoke with the media on Monday, and things took a weird turn.

A journalist inquired about the injury status of defensive tackle Shy Tuttle. A seemingly harmless question, right? Nah.

Jones gave a curt response about Tuttle, then things went from 0 to 100 real quick when he teed off about fake news.

You can see his full response here:

My two favorite parts:

“I think we have to understand what do we want out of our media? This place, with the drama – and again, these are kids, and I think we all have children and we’re all adults. Are we focused on Tennessee football from a recruiting standpoint, from all the positive things we’ve done, from all the positive things this football program brings to the community, this great fan base … are we in the reality world of TV?”


“If everyone is Vols fans, how do we let our opponents use this in the recruiting process with fake news? And sometimes, again, we have to check ourselves. What are we here for? What’s our values and principles that guide our life every single day?”

All this, from a question about injury? Bruh. What the heck kind of paranoia is this? #WhoHurtYou?

If I had to guess, I would think Jones is starting to feel that seat underneath him get a little hotter each week, despite the Vols’ 3-1 record. Tennessee has looked abysmal this season, and the discontent from fans is growing. The 24-7 nature of sports media coverage makes it seem as if that dark cloud is forever hovering over Jones, ready to burst and rain down chaos at any moment.

But even if you cut him that slack…what does any of that have to do with fake news and the recruiting process?

My advice to Jones: Just relax, man. If you win enough games, the fans will forgive you. If you don’t? Well…let’s just hope they don’t leave you on the tarmac after an away game.

Why are you overanalyzing the departure of Cary Angeline, USC Fans?

On Sunday night, the Trojan family was surprised to learn that redshirt freshman tight end Cary Angeline had elected to leave the team. The former four-star recruit joined the team last year and showed much promise, earning Offensive Service Team Player of the Year honors.

Per Alicia de Artola with Reign of Troy, head coach Clay Helton addressed the situation after Monday’s practice, citing homesickness as Angeline’s reason for leaving.

This seems like an open-and-shut case to me, but leave it to USC Twitter to make a mountain out of a molehill. Some fans were saying that Angeline “quit” on the Trojans, which is just so extra.

I’m with Ryan Phillips on this one:

Guys. The kid just wanted to go back and be closer to home. It’s gonna be ok.

Even if he did quit – why are grown adults on the Internet mad about the decision a teenager made for his own life? Wish the kid the best of luck, and move on. USC’s playoff hopes did not hinge on Angeline (but they do hinge on an offense that doesn’t sputter into the end zone, but that’s a column for another day), so it’s no harm, no foul.

Life is too short to be fake mad at a college student for leaving the program to be closer to his family and friends back in Pennsylvania. It just isn’t that serious!