G1 Climax Update: We have a draw


We finally have it all figured out in B-Block in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax Tournament. With Tuesday’s results, we have it down to just two wrestlers: Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega.

Granted, everyone thought it would come down to those two men, but Tuesday’s results made everything official.

Our first draw of the tournament

At some point in the G1 Climax, we usually see a match end in a draw. These matches last just 30 minutes, so you have to figure one will go to the time limit at some point.

That certainly proved to be the case Tuesday when Okada and Minoru Suzuki went to a time limit draw.

In the final minute, with both men tired, Okada leveled Suzuki with a Rainmaker. However, Okada was too tired to go for a cover and by the time he even got close, the bell rang,

A tie is a good thing for Okada. He still scored a point and remains in the lead for B-Block with 13 points. The only thing that happened was Kenny Omega moved slightly closer (I’ll get to that in a bit).

I can’t imagine wrestling to a 30-minute draw, especially with the matches Okada has wrestled these past few weeks, and really, most of 2017.

You can tell these guys are worn out. As much as these guys enjoy the G1, I bet everyone is ready for it to be over so they can go home and sleep for days (or weeks).

As for the match, I enjoyed it a lot. Okada and Suzuki usually have some pretty good matches. They work hard. The matches can get physical. And we get to see Suzuki inflict pain on his opponents. What’s not to like?

The interference from Taichi and El Desperado happened just once. And once it happened, Red Shoes ejected the two men from ringside. Finally! The interference got old.

If you need to watch a match from this show then you should watch the main event. Even if you know the outcome, it’s fun to see how they reach the point of a draw. So don’t let this little spoiler ruin things for you.

Omega win knocks it down to the final two

In the semi-main event, Omega scored the victory with the One-Winged Angel over SANADA. Omega’s win knocked everyone behind him out of contention for B-Block.

Really fun match between the two wrestlers, with so much at stake. For SANADA, it obviously would’ve been hard for him to rally back and win B-Block. Things would’ve needed to really collapse for it all to work out.

Omega knew he needed the win to make the match between him and Okada a defacto B-Block final match.

Saturday’s meeting between the two men will be their third time facing off in 2017. The first meeting took place at WrestleKingdom in January, which led to Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer giving the match six stars (five stars used to be the standard).

Omega and Okada faced off again in June with Meltzer giving this match six and one quarter (6 1/4) stars. Okada won the first meeting. The second went to a time-limit draw.

How many stars will Meltzer give this match? 7? 10? 20? 47? We can speculate all day until the secondary dirt sheets return home with stuff lifted from the primary dirt sheets.

Going into this match, Okada has 13 points, while Omega has 12. It’s as simple as this: Okada wins B-Block with a win or a draw, while Omega wins the Block with a victory. I don’t know how it can get any simpler? I’m not drawing you a diagram.

Who wins the match Saturday? I think Omega finally gets that win over Okada. The title isn’t online the line and Okada has already won twice. If this is meant to be a true rivalry, then Omega needs to win.

Omega can’t lose again to Okada. This feels like the right situation for Omega to finally get that singles win over Okada. So, I’ll go on the record and pick Omega to win the B-Block.

As for A-Block, I’ll go with Naito.

Other B-Block action

EVIL found himself eliminated from B-Block contention with his loss on Tuesday in a Hoss battle against Michael Elgin. This was a fun match to watch. If you like Hoss battles, you’ll like this for sure.

Tama Tonga scored another victory in the G1 Tournament, defeating Bread Club leader Satoshi Kojima. Tonga now has six points in this tournament and will face SANADA next.

Meanwhile, the loss snaps Kojima’s win streak, which stood at one. It’s too bad he couldn’t capitalize and increase the win total, but what can you do? He’ll face EVIL next.

And then we had Juice Robinson, fresh off his upset victory over Kenny Omega, defeating Toru Yano with the Pulp Friction.

We didn’t see any tape, but there was a moment when both men went under the ring and nearly got counted out.

Yano also took advantage of Robinson’s dreadlocks, knotting them to the guard rail. However, Robinson freed himself and got back in the ring before the 20 count.

Robinson really has made a name for himself in this G1. I’d like to see if New Japan will do more with Robinson as he continues to win over more and more fans.

What’s next?

It’s back to Tokyo for three straight days as the G1 Climax will soon come to an end. The first night will take place Friday with the final night of A-Block matches.

As previously mentioned, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi will face off in what is essentially the defacto A-Block final. The rest of the A-Block matches are as follows:

  • Togi Makabe vs. YOSHI-HASHI
  • Yuji Nagata vs. Bad Luck Fale
  • Kota Ibushi vs. Hirooki Goto
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

And before we wrap up this post, let’s post a little good news. I’ll let this tweet speak for itself.