Week 3 Heisman Top 10 2016


Heisman rankings are all over the place heading into Week 3. I mentioned it last week, and it bears reiterating ahead of Week 3: Early-season Heisman projections are such a mish-mash of

Sample sizes are much too small, some players have seen nothing but sub-par competition, defenses start to wise up to particular offenses. Yes, some players appearing in this first month (or two) of the Heisman Top 10 will falter.

In the meantime, just embrace the madness.

This week’s big movers: San Diego State running back Donnel Pumphrey, who makes his first appearance in a major, national publication’s rankings. Florida State quarterback DeAndre Francois also jumped into the spotlight, setting up the first Heisman showdown of the 2016 campaign when the Seminoles meet Lamar Jackson and Louisville.