Week 2 2016 Heisman Top 10: Nick Chubb Rising


In 2015, the first season I ranked Heisman Trophy candidates based on media and voter assessments from a weekly basis, the first two months provided the most volatility. Last season’s race stabilized somewhat through November, though Leonard Fournette plummeted from presumptive front-runner to out of the competition in that final month.

SEC West counterpart Derrick Henry, on the other hand?

Otherwise, the most fluctuation came early. Bearing that in mind, do not expect to see all 10 players of the players included below by Thanksgiving…or Halloween…or Columbus Day…or even a week from now.

Newcomers will rise, early-season front-runners will falter. Seeing that fluctuation throughout the season is part of the fun, and why you should stay tuned into the Heisman Top 10 every single week.