Florida State Comeback A Perfect Close to Week 1


Could Week 1 have closed with a more fitting finale than Florida State completing the greatest comeback in program history?

The Seminoles’ rally from down 22 points just before halftime against Ole Miss gave @OldTakesExposed fresh fodder — I know I personally went into the intermission counting down the minutes until the Rebels’ date with Alabama on Sept. 17.

Florida State reinforced a lesson that should have been abundantly clear many Saturdays ago, yet the college football-following nation seems to forget.

Whatever you think you know means exactly nothing.

You knew Ole Miss had Florida State buried. You knew defending Big 12 champion Oklahoma overmatched the upstart Houston. You knew SEC East favorite Tennessee had way too much firepower for little ol’ Appalachian State to hang.


Don’t worry. I’m as guilty as as anyone, as my Saturday Six-Pack can attest. I had USC keeping pace with Alabama. I had Tennessee rolling over Appalachian State. I had Arizona and BYU going to the wire (RIGHT!) with the team holding last possession winning (RIGHT!) by two (RIGHT!!!!) in a game with 86 combined points (RI…er, wrong).

Week 1 is especially difficult to predict with all the variables coming off a nine-month hiatus. However, we’ll come to some weekend in November, or October, or perhaps even later in September, and be dumbfounded once more.

The beauty of college football is in that unpredictability.

We love college football for the same reason we love a classic movie or a well-written TV series. The plot twists keep us guessing, keep our adrenaline pumping any time we tune in.

No one likes spoilers for their favorite TV show or a critically acclaimed film. Consider a whiffed prediction sparing the audience a spoiler.

Perhaps I’m merely giving myself a pass for the dreadful week of predictions I had here on CFB Huddle. However, I take joy in not knowing everything. Others in college football media may not admit it, but they take similar pleasure from the sheer unpredictability of the sport.

When someone wrongly declares the demise of the Alabama dynasty, for example, it’s rooted less in thoughtful observation, and more in a manifestation of wishful thinking. Alabama’s run atop the game under Nick Saban is the closest thing this game has to predictability — and even so, the Crimson Tide are good for a loss every year.

Only once in Saban’s run have the Tide gone undefeated, and that was seven long years ago.

Despite destroying USC Week 1 — SPOILER ALERT — the 2016 edition of Alabama football will probably lose somewhere along the way. Despite coughing up a 22-point lead against Florida State, it may well come against Ole Miss. Or LSU, though the Tigers lost to Wisconsin. Or Texas A&M, which looked spry in its win over UCLA — a win that came despite the entire College Gameday crew picking the Bruins.


Just as likely, some other team at some point in this college football season will rally from down 22 (or more), go on a run of 30-0 (or more) like Florida State’s Monday and come back to win.

Or lose in heartbreaking fashion. I don’t really know, and you don’t either. And that’s why you keep coming back to this game.