Week 1 Saturday 6-Pack Part 1: From Dublin to Lambeau

Already declared the greatest opening Saturday in college football history, Week 1 deserves a picks column befitting the occasion. In this case, however, a singular column simply isn’t befitting the occasion.

Standard fare here at CFB Huddle is to examine the weekend’s six best games in a six-pack format. Last year’s Week 1 also featured Six-Packs on Thursday and Friday, with both of those days featuring impressive slates.

I’ve done the same for Week 1 2016, but this season’s opening Saturday is so stacked, trimming the preview to just six games was just not possible. So, Part 1 of a fully loaded double dip previews the six best games of the early portion of the docket, kicking off earlier than usual — 7:30 a.m. Eastern, live from Dublin, Ireland — and winding down in the afternoon from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

SATURDAY SIX-PACK: Maui Brewing Company Coconut Hiwa Porter


It’s a kegs-and-eggs kinda Week 1, with action kicking off unusually early. For those ushering in the college football season with a hearty breakfast and the Georgia Tech-Boston College matchup, Maui Brewing Company’s Coconut Hiwa Porter combines the summer vibe of Labor Day weekend with its Hawaiian, coconut brew, into a breakfast-appropriate porter.

If you opt to replace the traditional Irish Tea in the Full Breakfast with this porter, no one will blame you.


The first two days went poorly ATS, and Friday was bad for head-to-head winners. Temple, Georgia State and Arkansas State all faltered at home as favorites.