Saturday Six-Pack, Thursday Edition: Opening Night Picks

The time is upon us: Opening Night 2016.

College football is back! …OK, college football’s been back for a little less than a week now, with Cal-Hawaii and Charleston Southern-North Dakota State kicking off the season last weekend.

But, for all intents and purposes, college football is REALLY back Thursday!

Opening Night isn’t as loaded as a season ago, when Utah and Michigan clashed in a battle of two teams that reached the Top 10 at various points in the 2015 campaign. So much of the Week 1 goodness has been saved for Saturday, and given ESPN’s relentless BEST WEEKEND EVER! blitz, I’m certain that was by the design of television executives.

No matter; Opening Night features its share of intriguing contests. Let’s share a toast to the unofficial beginning of a new season with the column’s brew selection, and picks for six of Thursday’s best.

Thursday’s Six-Pack: Pizza Port Pick-Six Pilsner


Appropriately named for the Opening Night Six-Pack, Pick-Six Pilsner comes from the craft brew Mecca of North County San Diego. Pizza Port’s home in Carlsbad Village is a favorite haunt of mine, but the beer’s distribution isn’t limited to Southern California. In 2014, it began distributing beyond local borders.

Aside from its name, Pick-Six Pilsner works as an Opening Night beer: crisp and light for the early September sunshine.

Now, onto the game picks!


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