Let’s Talk Jordan Rodgers on SEC Network


Take one part Steve Taneyhill, one part C.T. of The Real World and The Challenge fame, add a pinch of the one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and you get SEC Network’s newest studio analyst, Jordan Rodgers.

The former Vanderbilt quarterback and brother of Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers parlayed his recent win — is that what the last man standing on The Bachelorette is deemed? A winner? — into a gig with ESPN’s home for all things Southeastern Conference, per The Miami Herald.

Kudos to author Jennifer Weiner, who totally called it (and h/t the great @pink_funk for bringing the below into my timeline).

Of course, SEC Network is owned by ESPN, which resides under Mickey Mouse’s corporate umbrella, right alongside ABC; host network for the The Bachelorette. SYNERGY!

ESPN previously dipped into the The Bachelor franchise well when it added 2004 prize, Jesse Palmer. The former Florida Gator quarterback Palmer has grown into one of the network’s best analysts and color commentators. Is the same possible for Jordan Rodgers?

Much rides on the former Vandy signal caller getting the right opportunities. SEC Network must first scrub his image to remove the residue left behind from his Bachelorette

Rodgers is pretty much a heel on par with fellow reality TV alum The Miz, if my Twitter timeline and significant other are to be believed.

SEC Network can reach a new target demographic with its first-ever children’s show, Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood.

Jordan takes young viewers through a daily tour of the Land of Make-Believe — a place plenty of SEC fans know well, based on some of the outlandish claims made about the conference’s superiority — where the audience learns life lessons from Mike The Tiger, Big Al, Reveille and the rest of the mascot crew.

To capitalize on his reality TV expertise, Rodgers works as host of the SEC Network’s first foray into the genre, The Coach.

The turning of the coaching carousel that begins around Thanksgiving and ends in early-to-mid January is already deemed “silly season.” Why not exploit that with a reality series that goes inside a university’s search for its next head coach.

Jordan Rodgers serves as the Chris Harrison figure, as he takes into a world of heartache, flight trackers and unrealistic expectations. Jon Gruden appears as the show’s red herring.

With Jesse Palmer making a smooth transition from the Fantasy Suite to the broadcast booth, who better to mentor to Rodgers? The two can pair up on the caller-driven series, BROchelor Pad.

The quarterback duo take on-air questions from viewers, offering advice on fashion, football and in general being the best bro you can be.

Three ideas, SEC Network. All winners. The only thing I ask is a produce credit (and royalties, of course).

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