Texas A&M Coaches Suspended for Hack Jokes


Remember Big Johnson t-shirts? Apparently, suspended Texas A&M coaches Jim Turner and Jeff Banks were big fans of the brand. That’s my assumption, at least, given the material they used for slides in a “Chalk Talk” event geared towards women was seemingly lifted directly from Big Johnson.

Big Johnson predates me a bit, though I am old enough to remember my brother’s peers get a kick out of the not-so-subtle innuendo and double entendre of the clothing line. Consider Banks and my brother were both born in the 1970s

I was from a generation when the scumbag look of choice was either a South Carolina or Morehead State cap, produced by The Game.

The Texas A&M coaches also retooled the Aggie War Hymn with some lyrical choices I wouldn’t have made.

We are Aggie women
We are filled with estrogen
Hullabaloo, canek, canek, and back again

Maroon & white are the colors we love
We are putting down our dish towels
And taking off our gloves

No more Lysol or Cascade
We want to score touchdowns
And walk in the parade

We are Aggie women & this is our song
Come on … bring it on … no more thong
Hullabaloo, canek, canek …

Kevin Sumlin issued a two-week suspension and released a statement that pointedly condemned the assistants’ behavior. If not for the latent sexism, Sumlin’s justified for the sheer hackiness of the material.

Speaking of hackiness, those following the story can anticipate some media personalities emerging in the next few days to decry Sumlin’s decision to suspend the result of PC culture run amok. If that kind of gas-baggery is your jam, I’m guessing you’ll need only outclick one site.