Justin Timberlake Endorses Memphis to Big 12


Big 12 expansion took an unexpected turn for the entertaining Wednesday thanks to Justin Timberlake. Yes, THAT Justin Timberlake.

Nevermind the involvement of FedEx or any elaborate Power Point presentations, J-Timb’s Twitter endorsement of Memphis for Big 12 inclusion certainly tips the scales in the Tigers’ favor from my humble perspective.

Consider the first shot in a potential, impending former boy band member war lobbed. See, Timberlake’s not the only resident of a Big 12 expansion candidate city to have also performed in a late ’90s/early 2000s group.

Former 98 Degrees front man and one-half of the MTV series Newlyweds, Nick Lachey, is a Cincinnati Bearcats super-fan.


Football powers conference realignment and expansion, and Lachey’s cachet in the college football world is expansive. Lachey’s boys with 2005 Heisman Trophy Matt Leinart, which has to count for something in this whole matter. Right?

Meanwhile, the hotbed for turn-of-the-millennium pop music, Orlando, remains very much in play for the Big 12.

ESPN.com’s Jake Trotter reports UCF athletic director Danny White called Knight football a potential “monster,” and the university’s athletic department as a whole could “elevate” the status of the Big 12.

Before now-retired George O’Leary brought a Fiesta Bowl there, Lou Pearlman brought boy-band acts to Orlando. Don’t be surprised to see Joey Fatone take up the cause for the Knights to the Big 12.

And if not Joey Fatone, count on UCF alumni and original pop super-group Dragon Sound to use Tae Kwon Do on Big 12 officials to deliver an invite through force.


Against The Ninja? More like Against Justin Timberlake.