Art Briles Twitter Lets Out A Gaffe


Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned; the Art Briles Twitter account tweeted a most inopportunely boastful infographic Thursday afternoon in the wake of a damning Outside The Lines report.

I add the qualifier “Art Briles Twitter account” as opposed to naming the Baylor head coach himself, because I frankly have difficulty imagining Briles expertly using branding hashtags and uploading infographics.

At a time when Briles’ own job is being targeted, I wouldn’t be surprised if a former Baylor social media manager is looking for work, first. The operator of that account did Briles no favors, whose job security isn’t just a topic for columnists filling space; peers in the coaching community expressed concerns to Fox Sports’ reporter Bruce Feldman

I implore anyone yet to read the ESPN report to do so. OTL uncovers further instances of sexual assault and other domestic violence accusations leveled against Baylor football players, beyond the high-profile arrest of Shawn Oakman last month.

At least one accuser told ESPN she spoke with both Briles and BU president Ken Starr in April 2014, but no action was taken.

One accusation proves nothing, certainly. The OTL report helps to fuel public sentiment, which might force action to investigate within the private university and release the report to the media.

Further, Briles himself called an investigation “good,” per the Star-Telegram.

However, the general tone of mixed defiance and ignorance emanating from Waco presents really poor optics. The Art Briles Twitter account boasting of grades at the peak of this scandal looks both defiant and ignorant.

Such a colossal PR gaffe coming from a program that employed a PR firm to make its case for the College Football Playoff adds to the incredulity of the situation.