The Damning Lou Holtz Endorsement


Lou Holtz endorsed Donald Trump for president Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s Indiana primary. I’ll spare you commentary specific to the candidate; the last thing the world needs is another site overrun with a noxious, political comment sections.

However, Lou Holtz’s stamp of approval should concern supporters of Trump’s candidacy.

Hey, what’s the issue? When Holtz says “there’s nothing but winners in Indiana,” he speaks from experience. The former Notre Dame head coach spent a decade in South Bend, and led the Fighting Irish to the 1988 national championship — the last of the program’s 11 claimed titles.

But Holtz’s explanation for his endorsement — the coach has stayed at Trump-owned hotels and golfed on Trump’s courses — should sound familiar.

Dr. Lou has a tendency to make endorsements on suspect rationale. Here he is taking Notre Dame as championship material before the 2009 (6-6 finish, Charlie Weis fired) and 2007 (3-9, the program’s worst record since 1963) seasons.

Lest you believe Lou Holtz’s annual Notre Dame pick is an isolated incident, the coach has an affinity for taking South Carolina in the SEC title race.

1. Holtz coached the Gamecocks from 1999 through 2004.
2. The Gamecocks have zero SEC championships and an 0-1 record in SEC Championship Games.

Never mind he’s a mush when it comes to picks; with that level of committed bias, we might see Dr. Lou picked up as a segment on a political news network.