Week 13 Saturday Six-Pack: Farewell, College Football Regular Season


College football’s is the shortest of all major sports seasons. It was less than three months ago that the first Saturday Six-Pack of 2015 toasted the beginning of a new campaign.

Less than three months. Neither the NBA nor MLB have reached the All-Star Break by this juncture in their season. College basketball has yet to descend upon the first hints of Madness, vis a vis the conference tournaments. Even the NFL has a full month left in its season.

That the college football season is so short only adds to its appeal. Because it’s understood the game will be out of our lives just as quickly as it arrives, we zealots cherish every game day.

SATURDAY’S SIX-PACK: Great Divide Hibernation Ale

College Football Saturday Six-Pack Hibernation Ale

College football’s regular season coming to an end means our beloved sport soon goes into its eight-month hibernation. The cold feeling that undoubtedly leaves you with in the pit of your stomach needs to be off set by something.

The warming style of Great Divide Hibernation Ale should do the trick.

Much like Friday’s recommendation of Sierra Nevada Celebration, Hibernation Ale is an essential holiday-season beer. This malty, English-style ale is thick — fitting for the Thanksgiving weekend.