Week 13 Black Friday Six-Pack: Thankful for College Football


Welcome to Black Friday, the unofficial inspiration for such dystopian fiction as the Mad Max series or The Purge. America’s chaser for a day spent gorging itself on food is a day manically chasing discounts on products.

No, you haven’t stumbled upon an anti-consumerist manifesto; this special, Black Friday edition of the CFB Huddle Saturday Six-Pack merely recommends diverting your focus from discounted technology, toys and clothing, and instead indulging in the great, American product of college football.


I find a certain poetry in the college football regular season ending on the same weekend we give thanks (yes, I realize there’s still Big 12 and Sun Belt regular season games to be played next week, just work with me here). Don’t be sad this shortest of sports seasons is coming to an end: Be thankful for the three months of entertainment, heartache and joy it brings.

In that vein, a most sincere thank you to you, the reader. CFB Huddle is a completely independent venture, thus any time you read a column, share a link or visit an advertiser, you’re helping to keep this site running and growing.

CFB Huddle will only get bigger and better in the weeks, months and years to come, and it’s all thanks to you. You won’t agree with everything written here, but isn’t that part of what makes following this sport so much fun?

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Thanksgiving weekend is the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season, thus I recommend toasting this festive time of year with an appropriately named brew. Celebration is in the running for my personal favorite beer Sierra Nevada produces — and that’s high praise, as it’s my favorite brewery.

While others fight for 10 percent savings, I suggest you savor this malty, hoppy and ever-so-spicy ale along with a full Friday of college football.