Week 11 Heisman Top 10: Derrick Henry vs. Deshaun Watson



Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t received the same praise as some of his contemporaries this season, but his consistently excellent play is buoying the defending national champions.

It’s only a matter of time before Zeke breaks to the front of the running back pack.

Elliott’s running step-for-step with Derrick Henry in virtually every major rushing category: yards (Elliott 1,425; Henry 1,458), yards per carry (Elliott 6.48; Henry 6.08), touchdowns (Elliott 16; Henry 19), with Elliott boasting 100 yards more receiving.


Immediate buzz in the wake of Oklahoma’s 44-34 win at Baylor is a testament to just how meteoric ones Heisman stock can rise.

Baker Mayfield has putting up some eye-popping numbers prior to Saturday’s main event, but I didn’t see his name on a single Heisman watch list. Lo and behold, he’s a top-three favorite in some national outlets.

Sports on Earth’s David Ubben, reporting live from Waco, paints the picture:

“I’m just out there playing backyard football at that point,” Mayfield said. “That’s something I take pride in. I’m able to react and make plays with my feet sometimes.”

If that sounds familiar, think 2012 and one Johnathan F. Football, Esq. From the prolific passing numbers, to the dual-capable scrambling, so much of Mayfield’s game is reminiscent of Johnny Manziel in his Texas A&M days.

That includes the swagger that defined Manziel’s tenure in College Station.

Someone get the young man a Scooby Doo costume.