Francis Owusu’s Catch Continues A Stanford Tradition vs. UCLA


Poor UCLA. Chances are if you see a highlight reel catch coming from Stanford, it was made against the Bruins. Francis Owusu’s grab Thursday night is the latest, and undeniably the greatest.

Owusu’s behind-the-back grab around UCLA safety Jaleel Wadood elicits comparison to Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro.

I won’t declare one better than the other. It’s a pointless and stupid endeavor, so let’s just all agree both are incredible. Let’s also agree that UCLA has reached a point it should be able to call a do-over on one of these insane Stanford catches at some point.

In the Bruins’ last visit to The Farm in 2013, Kodi Whitfield snagged a one-handed, diving touchdown between two Bruin defenders.

Oh, did I say one-handed touchdown catch in traffic? How about Coby Fleener against UCLA in 2011?

Even quarterback Andrew Luck’s been in on the act, not to be outdone by Fleener in 2011.

The otherworldly grabs Stanford’s turned routine in its meetings with UCLA serve as microcosm for this series of late. Francis Owusu’s score Thursday put the Cardinal up 25 points in the second half. As of this writing, Stanford is well on its way to its eighth consecutive defeat of UCLA.

How does that make you feel, David Shaw?