Baylor Riding The Fury Road to Valhalla


Bedecked in silver chrome, Immorten Art’s Baylor War Bears ride a souped-up rig down the Fury Road.

By Seth Russell’s deeds, Baylor honors V-8. The wreckage and mayhem is all part of the journey to the Playoff Valhalla.

The Red Raiders came from the West with their own engines revving. Kliff Kingsbury has some dangerous riders at Texas Tech; his troops very nearly ambushed the high-octane Frogs just a week ago.

Yet even behind four scores from the ship’s captain Patrick Mahomes, Tech lacked the guzzolene to roll with the War Bears.

But then, when Russell is firing for six touchdowns — four through the air and two on the ground — and Shock Linwood powers his way to 221 yards, can anyone stop the Baylor war rig?

The carnage left Saturday when Immorten Art Briles and Baylor rode through Arlington could have been so much worse than 63 points. Forty-nine came in the first half, a pace approaching the legendary and seemingly unattainable 100.

Baylor may not reach triple digits this season, but the War Bears will continue causing havoc, blowing up defenses with explosive plays in pursuit of their Valhalla.

We’re still six pit stops away, but in six games, we’ll see Mad Pat and his Horned Frogs strapped to the front of Baylor’s rig.

What a lovely day that will be.

Really, though: How much difference is there between this:

And this?

All Baylor’s missing is a wide receiver rocking out with a flame-throwing guitar on every touchdown.