Hashtags to Join #Pac12AfterDark in 2015


Pac-12 Networks president Lydia Murphy-Stephans shouted out the popular College Football Twitter hashtag #Pac12AfterDark in her annual address at Pac-12 media days Friday. #Pac12AfterDark helped build national attention for the conference and became something of an identifying slogan for the league in its historic campaign.

The University of Arizona athletic department jumped on the hashtag train to drive attention for linebacker Scooby Wright, introducing #ScoobySnacks amid the sophomore’s award-season push. Evidently, it had an impact: Wright swept the individual defensive honors for 2014.

The prominence of #Pac12AfterDark and #ScoobySnacks demonstrates the fertile ground for expanded awareness for programs and players in college football. A few more possibilities popped up over the course of two days at Warner Bros. Studios.


Arizona State safety Jordan Simone gets all credit for the phrase, which is just too good not to hashtag. On Thursday’s Petros and Money Show, Simone said he spurned a helmet visor because all he needs is to put his “two screws to the chest” of opponents.

He did plenty of that in 2014, recording 100 tackles, including a ridiculous 20 in the Sun Devils’ win over USC.

Obviously you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use this hashtag in the fall. Be sure to tag @JordanSimone38, where you might find social media gold like the following:

#Bercoing -OR- #Exhaustion

I wrote on Simone’s Sun Devil teammate Mike Bercovici and his hashtag, #BERCOing, earlier this offseason. Bercovici’s celebration capped a quintessential #Pac12AfterDark moment, but the quarterback offered some insight into that moment when I asked him.

“It should have been called something like exhaustion,” he said, describing his legs giving out after the touchdown heave to Jaelen Strong. “Complete exhaustion.”

Though Bercovici has seen Vines of the play “like 50 times,” use of this particular hashtag would be best saved for replays. He doesn’t anticipate an encore in 2015.

“I’d rather not throw Hail Marys,” Berocivic said. “The completion percentage on those isn’t very good.”


Oregon running back reluctantly signed up for a Twitter — Ducks linebacker Rodney Hardrick said he goaded the sophomore ball-carrier into registering the handle @rolls_royce21.

Freeman is admittedly not the biggest fan of social media, but that shouldn’t preclude College Football Twitter from adopting #RoyceRolls for the back’s long and scoring rushes in 2015.

Freeman is a key figure in the upcoming Pac-12 championship race, leaner and meaner than he was in a breakout freshman season. He shed nearly 10 pounds and is 222. Freeman credits cutting late-night junk food out of his diet, though admittedly, Freeman has his own ideal #Pac12AfterDark.


Arizona basketball star Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was taken in June’s NBA draft, so no more shimmy at McKale Center.

However, Hollis-Jefferson’s friend and fellow Philadelphia native Will Parks can keep the #PhillyShimmy alive in Tucson for another year.

“I’m looking forward to breaking it out this year, hopefully,” the safety Parks said.