July 24 News: A Braxton Miller Roundup


Sports Illustrated‘s Pete Thamel reported Thursday night Ohio State’s Braxton Miller will make the move from quarterback to wide receiver. The transition was an oft-discussed rumor this offseason as it become more clear Miller would not transfer, but only now is there something substantial to support the idea.

Well, somewhat substantial. Though Braxton Miller told SI the move was first kicked around in the spring, and would come to fruition in preseason camp, Urban Meyer continued to play his hand close to the vest.

Here’s a roundup of reads on Braxton Miller’s new role in the oh-so impressive Ohio State offense:

What Braxton Miller’s Move to Wide Receiver Means for Ohio StatePete Thamel, Sports Illustrated

Braxton Miller’s Move Is The Right Play for Loaded Buckeyes, Bill Bender, The Sporting News

Miller at WR Makes Perfect Sense for His NFL Future, Ben Axelrod, Bleacher Report

Sun Belt Conference Reaches Out to Coastal Carolina

Ryan Young, TheSunNews.com

The Sun Belt Conference is sitting at 11 members, and has no shortage of options for a 12th — which, ostensibly, means divisions and a conference championship game.

So what program could the Sun Belt take on? UMass is an option, as the Minutemen leave the Mid-American at season’s end. Various FCS programs like Eastern Kentucky and Liberty have been mentioned. Thursday, Coastal Carolina became the latest name to enter the fray.

Coastal Carolina has excelled in its top three sports of late. The baseball program has long been a player on the national scene, the basketball team made the last two NCAA Tournaments and under former AmeriTrade CEO, Chanticleer football has taken its innovative offense to the FCS Playoffs.

CCU athletic director Matt Hogue told TheSunNews.com that Sun Belt officials “initiate[d] contact,” and that “we’re learning a little about them and they’re learning about us.”

Sun Belt Conference commissioner Karl Benson addressed expansion discussion on Twitter Thursday.

Our original model outlined two geographically-connected divisions. The footprint of our current east encompasses several states.

— Karl Benson (@kbcommish) July 23, 2015

I believe Eastern Kentucky has been public in declaring their interest in moving up to FBS.

— Karl Benson (@kbcommish) July 23, 2015

Coaches around the Sun Belt discussed expansion rumors via Adam Hunsucker of The News Star, and reaction is mixed. There are obvious benefits to expansion, including finding Appalachian State a travel partner, but Louisiana-Monroe head coach Todd Berry explained a new addition must bring something more substantive to the table:

“We have to be careful when you talk about the revenue that’s being generated by the college football playoff. When you add another team they need to bring something on paper besides being a travel partner because they are going to get a significant portion of money.”

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