College Football News July 2: Utah DB Arrested on Aggravated Robbery Charge


Utah defensive back Dominique Hatfield, expected to be a starter for the Utes this fall, was arrested Wednesday on an aggravated robbery charge. KSL has the most in-depth report on Hatfield’s arrest on allegations he robbed a man at knife-point.

The University of Utah athletic department has yet to issue a statement, pending further investigation and head coach Kyle Whittingham’s return from vacation. Hatfield flourished in the Ute secondary last season after moving to defensive back from wide receiver. Losing him would be a tremendous blow to the Utah defense.

Far more significant, however, is that aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon is a first-degree felony in Utah per the State Legislature website. The minimum prison sentence is five years.

This is a potentially sad twist to a story Hatfield was seemingly writing a new chapter. The Salt Lake Tribune‘s Gordon Monson wrote of Hatfield overcoming the dangerous of his Los Angeles neighborhood, which took his friend’s life at just 14, to become a contributor to Utah’s best season since joining the Pac-12.

Fire Destroys Home of Utah QB Donovan Isom’s Family

Kyle Goon, The Salt Lake Tribune

Another sad story emanating from the Utah football program, albeit one readers can help make a happy ending: the Louisiana home of Utes quarterback Donovan Isom was destroyed in a fire this week.

Kyle Goon of the Salt Lake Tribune reports that while the house was irreparably damaged, everyone inside escaped alive, thanks to the smoke detector.

Readers who would like to help Isom’s family can do so by donating to GoFundMe.

Bill Clark Negotiating New Contract with UAB

Gary Estwick,

Now that UAB has pledged to reinstate its briefly dormant football program, the hard work of truly reinstating Blazer football begins. Step one is retaining head coach Bill Clark, who told he is seeking a new contract as a sign of good faith from the administration, and as a measure of commitment to show recruits.

Clark proved he was a unique fit for one of the most difficult jobs in college football, leading UAB to a .500 record in his first season. With the wins came fans, as attendance to Blazer home games grew dramatically in 2014. At an average increase of 11,293, only Texas A&M saw a more significant jump.

He laid out a “20-month plan” to have UAB hit the ground running upon its reinstatement., GA News Weather

It’s obvious Clark is committed to UAB, and certainly understandable he’d want a commitment in kind.

Tennessee Enhances Brand Across All Athletics

The University of Tennessee unveiled a “new brand identity and identity system” across all its sports Wednesday. In laymen’s terms? VOLS GOT NEW UNIFORMS!

Tennessee debuted its Nike duds amid much fanfare Wednesday, though the final product was sorely lacking in plate armor and/or dragons.

Perhaps someone more well-versed in Tennessee uniforms can explain the significant differences in Tennessee’s Adidas football uniforms and the new, Nike version. Adidas is a convenient, if not repetitively attacked punching bag in the college football blogosphere — and it’s sometimes deserved. Zubaz, anyone?

But I’m genuinely unsure what Three Stripes’ sin committed against UT was. I suppose the gray uniforms, which Nike surely rectifi…Oh, Nike unveiled gray alts, you say?