College Football News June 6: Cardale Jones Experiences Highs and Lows of Stardom


In just 24 hours, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was on both ends of the stardom spectrum. Friday night, he threw out the first pitch before the Cleveland Indians’ game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Not a bad throw. Someone alert the San Diego Padres, an organization with a penchant for drafting college quarterbacks. They selected Toledo’s Terrance Owens in 2012, and 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel in 2014.

Speaking of Manziel, Cardale Jones’ other brush with superstardom this week was reminiscent of the former Texas A&M standout’s many social media-fueled foibles in the 2013 offseason.

Jones’ Twitter account, which has been pretty hilarious since the quarterback helped Ohio State to the national championship, sent out some unfortunate tweets Thursday. Via Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday, below is a screenshot:


Cardale Jones suggested he was hacked, or the victim of a practical joke. The quarterback’s no stranger to practical jokes on social media, last month tweeting he was transferring to Akron. He’s also familiar with regrettable stream-of-consciousness, a few years ago sharing thoughts on football players not being in college to “play school.”

It’s worth noting that Cardale Jones, a college freshman when he tweeted that, has since matured. Imagine that. I think it’s safe to assume that whomever sent the above tweets will grow out of that line of thinking, as well.

Louisiana-Lafayette Head Coach Mark Hudspeth Is Your Favorite Unknown Band

Bart Doan, The Student Section

Want to feel hip? Tune into Sun Belt football this season and get to know Louisiana-Lafayette’s Mark Hudspeth, who The Student Section’s Bart Doan writes is on the precipice of blowing up in the Power Five.

The Ragin’ Cajuns were hardly a footnote in the annals of college football prior to Hudspeth’s arrival, but he’s transformed the program in southern Louisiana into a perennial bowl participant. I’m proud to say I own the proverbial vinyl on Mark Hudspeth, following him closely starting in 2011 when he was a rumored candidate to replace Mike Stoops at Arizona.

Why Don’t Loyola and Boston University Sponsor Football?

Lehigh Football Nation

With the short-lived closure of UAB dominating headlines this past week, Lehigh Football Nation dove deep into the history of two programs laying dormant much longer than six months.

Both Loyola (Md.) and Boston University have gone without football for years — Loyola longer than BU — but LFN argues that both have the makings of great additions to the Patriot League. One reason? They’re already members of the conference in other sports.

This is a tremendous and well-researched column that breaks down financial and enrollment statistics as tied to football, as well as revealing some history about the two programs.

Jim Harbaugh’s Shirtless Antics Just Part of the Plan at Michigan

Bill Bender, Sporting News

New Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s shirtless gallivanting about his satellite camp in Alabama Friday was fodder for myriad empty-calorie blog posts entitled WATCH JIM HARBUAGH or JIM HARBAUGH BREAKS THE INTERNET.

And, as Bill Bender writes, that’s all part of the Michigan Man’s mad genius.

“Jim Harbaugh puts summer dadbod on full display” is trending in the South. Michigan football is trending in the South, too. Harbaugh’s putting on a show by playing “Peruball” in the heart of SEC country, and he knows every SEC coach who isn’t at a satellite camp is going to take a long, short look at those pictures.

In essence, it ain’t just Harbaugh’s pasty torso getting mass exposure.