College Football News May 27: Talk from the SEC Meetings


The 2015 SEC meetings Tuesday ostensibly kicked off the summertime march to a new college football season and, the narrative emanating out of Destin, Florida, is that the sport’s pace-setting conference is suddenly on the run.

At least, that’s what Dan Wolken of USA Today reports from the SEC meetings. Alabama head coach Nick Saban stepped up as the stoic, albeit forceful voice he often provides in such matters:

“Let me say this in general about all rules, whether it’s transfer rules or camp rules or any rules: We need to have the same rules in the big five in all the leagues,” Saban said Tuesday. “If we’re going to compete for the championship and everybody is going to play in the playoff system and everybody’s going to compete for that, we need to get our rules in alignment so we’re all on a level playing field.”

The primary topic of conversation at the first day of the SEC meetings centered around satellite camps, the big “controversy” of this offseason. I invoke the dismissive quotation marks because the practice is only a controversy insomuch as a few of the SEC’s head coaches have lightly rattled their sabers.

Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee writes that the saber-rattling turned into a full-fledged laying down of the hammer — kind of. SEC coaches are threatening an ultimatum to the NCAA, though the more likely endgame is that the SEC lifts its own ban on operating satellite camps, rather than the rest of college football bending to the conference’s whim.

How Much More Can the Baylor Offense Score in 2015?

Today’s U.

After leading the nation in average points scored per game each of the last two seasons, the Baylor Bears may only be scratching the surface of Art Briles’ playbook’s potential. Baylor returns four starters on the line, a bevy of talented wide receivers, explosive running back Shock Linwood, and turn the reins over athletic quarterback Seth Russell.

The 2015 Baylor offense could be the most explosive of the Briles era, but the continued evolution of the Bears defense under coordinator Phil Bennett might actually preclude Baylor from redlining.

The 10 Most Intriguing Nonconference Games of September

J.P. Scott, Athlon Sports

Just 100 days remain until the opening weekend of the FBS season. To get you hyped, Athlon’s J.P. Scott countdowns the first month’s best nonconference contests.

A rematch of last year’s roller-coaster Oregon-Michigan State headlines the early-season slate. Sparty jumped all over the Ducks in the first half of last season’s contest at Autzen Stadium, but were done in by the customary Oregon deluge after halftime.

Michigan State plays host this time. Both teams harbor realistic College Football Playoff ambitions, and this meeting could play a huge role in shaping the field come December.