Bobby Bowden Keeps Florida State in the Headlines


Chances are you if you’re reading this, you’re a college football fan, and thus, are already well aware of legendary Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden’s incendiary comments on Tuesday’s Paul Finebaum Show.

If you somehow missed it, here’s the quote sans context that energized a college football news cycle stuck in mid-May doldrums.

Gaze upon the Helen of Troy of retired coach quotes, for this is the statement that launched a thousand takes.

The author is not innocent: I wrote a Twitter novella depicting Florida State’s sub-sect #FSUTwitter at a crossroads, one in which either road led to its demise. And indeed, while in jest, the sentiment rings true: do Florida State fans support their Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who led the Seminoles to their most recent national championship, or the head coach who claimed a pair of titles and made FSU the powerhouse it is today?

Oh, but that’s not all Bobby Bowden had to say. On the SEC’s ultimate SEC pom-pom waving show, he offered the below little ditty on Florida State opting for the ACC in the early 1990s:

So now, in the least fruitful time of year for college football news, we can thank Bobby Bowden for pushing a quarterback no longer in the college game and a conference two years removed from its last championship into the spotlight.

The Florida State-SEC narrative is shot down rather easily, which former Noles standout Derrick Brooks did sufficiently:

What hath Bobby Bowden wrought with these hot takes?! At least the coach didn’t refer to his longtime home as filth:

Oh, dear. Make no mistake, the above was a very calculated and intentional wade into the murkiest cesspool of college football social media. The replies probably required enough bandwidth to bring this lowly site to its knees.

All this and, oh yeah, college football’s most intriguing quarterback “free agent” is reportedly headed to Florida State, pending formalities.

The moral? Expect a lot more provocation surrounding Florida State in the coming weeks. Look at what’s dominated headlines — and I realize that with this writing, I’m complicit in it. #Meta. As the journalism cliché says, if it bleeds it leads.

When it comes to college football, if it Noles, it rolls. That works, right?

Almost makes you long for the days of ad nauseum updates on Johnny Manziel’s Instagram. Almost.

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  1. Bobby Bowden hit the nail on the head!  Jameis Winston is a criminal disgrace to FSU.  Rape?  Shoplifting? and then stealing crabs?  yagottabkiddingme!  He is a thug and the university is better off without him!  Let Tampa Bay deal with him.  Bowden ran a class program and was a great mentor to his teams.

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