College Football News April 28: Charlie Strong’s Impact


Texas head coach Charlie Strong couldn’t get a shot as a head coach for years, despite being one of the nation’s best defensive coordinators at Florida.

A successful stint at Louisville turned into the head coaching at Texas, a huge opportunity for Charlie Strong and a major milestone for black coaches. As he told Matt Hayes of Sporting News, Strong understands that his success or failure will be a reflection for aspiring black head coaches throughout the sport.

This is a truly powerful read that sheds a necessary light on one of the most important, yet difficult to discuss topics in American society: race relations. Sports can be a catalyst for enacting change in societal behavior, yet football — and other sports in general — has not been particularly progressive with coaching hires.

Charlie Strong winning at Texas can do a lot to bring the game up to speed.

As College Football Playoff Meetings Convene, Big 12 Still Seeking Answers

Chuck Carlton, The Dallas Morning-News

At this week’s College Football Playoff meetings in Dallas, there isn’t likely to be much finagling with a system that was a resounding success in its first season. However, the stakes for the Big 12 Conference’s Bob Bowlsby and the programs he represents are higher than for the other commissioners in attendance.

The Big 12 had two 11-1 teams left out of the first Playoff. Had the league had a conference title game — like the other Power Five conferences — perhaps TCU or Baylor could have found a way in. Or maybe playing a nine-game league slate, which the ACC and SEC don’t do, worked against the Big 12.

Uniformity may be a topic Bowlsby broaches on the Big 12’s behalf. Carlton writes that West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen advocates, “everybody doing the same thing.

“Being on the same level, I think, is important. Last year, I think it kind of hurt the Big 12 a little bit.”

Ranking ACC Quarterbacks

Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports

With Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston headed for a likely top selection in Thursday’s NFL draft, the ACC has a new quarterback for 2015.

Athlon’s Steven Lassan ranks all 14 ACC teams’ quarterbacks. Who is No. 1, and can he reach the levels Jameis Winston achieved while in the conference the previous two seasons?

UCLA Undergrad Takes A Tackle from Myles Jack

UCLA student Danny Siegel is running for a post in the university’s student government, and in his campaign video, he takes a tackle from one of the nation’s nastiest tacklers, Bruins linebacker Myles Jack.

I have no idea what this has to do with student governing, but Siegel would have my vote.

Indepence Nears Its Expiration for BYU Football<

Jay Drew, Salt Lake Tribune

Five years ago, BYU football made the decision to leave the Mountain West — a conference of which it was a member dating back to its inauguration and shared a place in the WAC with many of its counterparts — and embarked on the challenging road of independence.

In the College Football Playoff era, BYU is running into scheduling issues and financial question marks that threaten the long-term viability of remaining an independent.