Friday Q&A: Kirk Ferentz, Missouri Winning the SEC East and My Wife Left Me


Full disclosure: The following crop of Q&A topics were originally intended to be part of a stream-of-consciousness podcast experiment. I was fully prepared to riff on these questions — ranging from Kirk Ferentz’s future at Iowa to Dennis Dodd’s Twitter beef — through the magic of audio. But the No. 1 reality I’ve learned more than any other in my first 10 months of parenthood is that babies just don’t allow you to schedule. My son started crying and I sarcastically tweeted @ him, “What’s the matter bro, need your pee-soaked diaper changed?”

Turns out, he did.

With this week’s Q&A, I’m rolling out a new feature: Arbitrary Lists. This week’s list is my infallible ranking of the Friday the 13th film franchise.

1. Part VI: Jason Lives
2. Part IV: The Final Chapter
3. Part II
4. Jason Goes to Hell
5. Friday the 13
6. Jason X (sue me, I liked it)
7. Part III
8. Freddy vs. Jason
9. Part VII: The New Blood
10. Part V: A New Beginning
11. The remake
5,041: Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

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I’m proud. I feel like I’ve sorta made it in my content-generating endeavor now that I’ve been hit with a “My wife left me.” This is a meme typically reserved for big-timers like Darren Rovell and Mike Florio, only I have no plans to lose my mind over those four words.

Seriously, why does “My wife left me” get folks so turned up on Twitter? Is there some secret origin only members of the Sports Media branch of the Illuminati are privy to? I always figured it had something to do with Crying Russell Wilson.

Whatever the origin, it’s a pretty ingenious troll. Folks losing their minds over something so innocuous will never not be funny to me.

Speaking of getting turnt on the ol’ Twitter machine:

Background for those unfamiliar: Dennis Dodd, an experienced and skilled reporter for, was photographed getting the brush-off from Aaron Rodgers, following Wisconsin’s Elite Eight win over Arizona. Rodgers was in Los Angeles as a fan of his adopted home-state team, so I can understand not wanting to grant an interview.

Shortly thereafter, Dodd went into a multiple-tweet tirade about celebrities having floor access with the team, while media had to wait.

I tend to believe — rightly or wrongly — Dodd’s Twitter tirade was the result of Rodgers’ blowing him off, and the image immediately going viral. Again, I could be off on that, as Dodd does bring up some points about access that I briefly discussed with my former college newspaper editor.

I don’t necessarily agree with them; using my own, much smaller parallel (and shameless effort to name-drop and seem important), I was out at USC practice last season. When the session wrapped and before Steve Sarkisian’s interview period, he talked with and took photos with Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, a guest at the day’s workouts. Here’s a photo from the official Cypress Hill Facebook page.

I didn’t think twice about Sen Dog having access nor did it bother me that Sark’s presser was delayed a couple minutes. But that’s my feeling, and I’m not Dennis Dodd.

Sometimes people get upset about things, and their initial reactions are based more in emotion than rational thought. Twitter provides an immediate outlet with a (potentially) large audience, without the benefit of a filter.

Had Dodd not had access to his Twitter account for a few hours, I suspect this screed might never have happened. I don’t agree with his points, but I do empathize with him in the immediate backlash.

Not without the University of Iowa having to take out some cash from a vicious loan shark to pay off Kirk Ferentz’s buyout, which includes roughly $13 million and three of the state’s most precious commodities: 500 acres of corn fields, 5,000 hogs and one member of the band Slipknot.


I talked to a former Kirk Ferentz-coached player at the end of the 2012 season, when the Hawkeyes went 4-8, losing such games as a 9-6 monstrosity to Iowa State and 32-31 to Central Michigan. That ex-player — a member of the 2003 Orange Bowl team — was vehemently against firing Kirk Ferentz, telling me that the coach had immeasurable positive impact on his players.

Of course, when seven figures are changing hands, certain expectations are held from the fan base and administration, no matter how good a person a coach might be. Iowa needs to sort out its longstanding offensive issues quickly and find a way to win the close games that have become such a routine part of the Hawkeyes’ disappointing seasons.

Well, as I mentioned in my rundown of sleeper teams capable of reaching a New Year’s Six bowl in 2015, the SEC East once again looks to be a mess. Georgia has the best individual player in running back Nick Chubb, and the Dawgs return four starters on the offensive line to pave the way for the Heisman contender.

But Mark Richt is seemingly snake-bitten, and I can’t help but feel starting a new quarterback with Mike Bobo no longer running the offense is going to bite Georgia at some point.

I really like Tennessee — Butch Jones has done a tremendous job recruiting, and the fruits of his labor should bloom in 2015. But like Georgia, the Vols’ quarterback questions make me leery of them as favorites.

I could see anyone in the East, save Vanderbilt, winning the division. Yes, that includes Kentucky. Oh, and Missouri, the two-time defending SEC East champion. For one thing, Missouri returns a ton of offensive talent, including most of its line and quarterback Maty Mauk.

The defense loses a ton of talent, however. Obviously Shane Ray is the biggie, but fellow sack-machine Markus Golden is also gone. The Tigers lose just one starting defensive back, but it’s a biggie: four-interception man Braylon Webb. Perhaps Webb’s suspension late last season prepared Cortland Browning adequately to take over at safety, assuming his recovery from foot surgery goes smoothly.

Missouri benefits from drawing Tennessee and South Carolina at home, and also welcomes cross-divisional opponent Mississippi State to Columbia. The Tigers miss Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss and Alabama.