So, Who Ya Got? Weighing In On Oregon-Ohio State National Championship Outcome



It’s been nearly five months since the 2014 college football season kicked off, and tonight’s Oregon-Ohio State matchup culminates the sport’s first campaign with a playoff.

The inaugural College Football Playoff generated so much interest, the question “Who Ya Got?” lingered over damn near everything that transpired this autumn. And with the field of 128 Football Bowl Subdivision teams whittled down to two, the final round of answers to that eternal question are being shared.

There is an undeniable regional slant to how people are picking, including in the media. Those hailing from within the Big Ten’s ever-growing footprint seem to like the Buckeyes.

While Westerners are quacking for an Oregon victory:

Each host conference for Oregon-Ohio State launched its own supportive campaign on social media, though not everyone is aligning with their league. Washington defensive back Naijiel Hale proved that rivalry trumps the urge of some to #BackThePac:

So…who do you got in tonight’s Oregon-Ohio State showdown? Vote below and sound off in the comments.