So, Who Is Going to Write the Bo Pelini Book?



Hidden recorders, former partnerships now bitterly feuding, a family member fired with rumors swirling. It’s not the latest junk food TV offering from the writers of Scandal — though there’s plenty of material in the Bo Pelini-Nebraska affair for a fascinating tale.

Oh, you thought Pelini accepting the head coaching position at Youngstown State was the end of his Nebraska? No, no, no.

Pelini took a shot at Nebraska in his introduction as the Penguins’ new head coach, but that’s the very least of the ongoing quarrel between the two sides.

What would the dysfunctional Bo Pelini-Nebraska marriage be without a secretly recorded and later leaked to media audio of the former Cornhuskers in a profanity-filled tirade? For those who have yet to read Dirk Chatelain’s rundown for the Omaha World-Herald, here is Pelini’s explosion to the team, shortly after athletic director Shawn Eichorst fired the coach.

While it’s tough to imagine there’s anyone on this particular blog having not yet read the report, be forewarned that Pelini’s rant runs the full gamut of profanity, including the ultimate swear; the Red Button, No-Going-Back curse that rhymes with one facet of a special teams unit.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Bo Pelini was embroiled in a secretly recorded audio controversy. In 2013, Deadspin published a recording of Pelini in 2011 unloading on a variety of subjects, including the aforementioned Chatelain and the Nebraska fan base.

Why is there so much secret recording? It’s like Lincoln is the Nixon White House.

Anyway, not content to let Pelini go not-so-gently into that good night, Nebraska responded with a sharply worded release Wednesday afternoon. In summation,

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Nebraska football facilities these last seven years.

The college football world may never know one fraction of what occurred in Lincoln, but we can hold out hope someone with access inside the program is already started on a book. And if they are, be sure to alert me the moment it’s on Amazon so I can give you my money.

One of my favorite sports books is John Bacon’s Three and Out, chronicling the abbreviated tenure of Rich Rodriguez at Michigan. The book sheds quite a bit of light on the clash between what Rodriguez was trying to do, and the seemingly constant sabotage Rodriguez dealt with.


Three and Out was eye-opening and vastly changed my perception of the abortive Rodriguez run at Michigan, which was punctuated with character assassination in various media outlets for all years. Instead, Bacon paints a picture of an athletic department in disarray — and the state of Michigan football in the four years since Rodriguez was fired both supports Bacon’s account and further exonerates the coach.

The tone of and detail within a Bo Pelini-Nebraska book would be quite a bit different, but no less enthralling. While there was likely no one at Nebraska granted the kind of access Bacon received at Michigan, there’s apparently no shortage of secret recordings that tell a behind the scenes story.

Beyond the angry outbursts and obviously acrimonious relationship between Bo Pelini and the Nebraska infrastructure, the rumors surrounding Carl Pelini and his departure from the program are salacious enough for a prime time drama.

Carl Pelini left his post as his brother’s defensive coordinator to be the head coach at Florida Atlantic, but was fired midway through the 2013 season amid allegations of drug use. Carl Pelini had his own jabs toward an AD publicized this past spring.

If any intrepid writers are after some juicy material on Nebraska football, this is the time to strike. Because you sure ain’t getting that material out of this guy: