Alabama Site, Lane Kiffin Bio Probably Weren’t Hacked


An image of’s Lane Kiffin bio is gaining traction around social media and the blogosphere. While the addition of some unflattering descriptions of Kiffin’s coaching history are devilishly hilarious, it’s highly unlikely this was a college football fan channeling his/her inner Anonymous.

Rather than someone hacking the site, as numerous blogs are reporting, the Kiffin bio is more than likely a well-done forgery.

A source at Alabama’s web provider, CBS Interactive, told me that no edits were logged for the Lane Kiffin bio page in several days. Even if hacked, time stamps would reflect any changes made.

Most likely scenarios: Someone copied the site’s code by right-clicking and viewing source, then replicated the page on another site with the new wording added, or he/she took a screenshot of the Kiffin bio and altered it in Photoshop.

Either one deserves points for creativity. But was hacked? Naw.

One dead giveaway: The headshot image is of Kiffin in the cardinal sport coat and paisley tie that all USC coaches and players wore for team photos during the Kiffin era. Kiffin’s bio no longer exists, but below is former Trojans defensive tackle’s 2011 headshot. Does the outfit look familiar?


Apologies for being Buzz Killington.

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  1. Hope they find out who did it.. It’s very Inmature and classless … People who do things like this need to get a life but while they’re waiting for that to happen they need to be waiting in jail… I’m sure it’s some puck that hides behind a screen somewhere that would never be a man and say anything to someone’s face…. People like this make me sick, speaking of – they are sick!!! Lane Kiffin is a great coach yes he’s made mistakes but hell who hasn’t I damn sure no I haven’t been an honor roll student all my life either!!!!

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