Oregon Ducks Black-Out Arizona and Stanford on 2014 Schedule


GoDucks.com tweeted its color-coordination schedule for the 2014 season Monday, and two dates stand out:

On Oct. 2 against Arizona and Nov. 1 against Stanford, the Oregon Ducks are planning black-outs. Arizona and Stanford handed Oregon its only losses of the 2013 season.

For those superstitious about this sort of thing, black is not necessarily Oregon’s best option. Over the last three seasons, the Ducks’ best winning percentage for a color worn more than a once is green, and by a rather comfortable margin. Records do not include postseason games:


Green: 4-1

Yellow: 4-0

Black: 2-1


Green: 5-0

Yellow: 4-0

Black: 2-1


Green: 7-0

Yellow: 1-2

Black: 1-0

White: 1-0


Green: 16-1 (0.941)

Yellow: 9-2 (0.818)

Black: 5-2 (0.714)

White: 1-0 (1.000)

Among the Oregon Ducks’ losses in black? The 17-14 overtime decision they dropped to Stanford in 2012.

Not to imply uniform color has bearing on performance, however. While uniforms might sway recruits, they don’t enhance their play once they put them on–or prevent season-derailing injury, as was the Ducks’ Achilles’ heel in their 2013 losses to Arizona and Stanford.

Oregon’s What To Wear schedule does not designate a date for the return of the pink helmets the Ducks donned last October against Washington State.

The hot-pink lids, later auctioned off to go to breast cancer research, were among the cooler alterations made to the Oregon uniforms in the last decade. They were also the bane of one Ducks’ fan’s existence.

Too bad there appears to be no plan to wear a pink jersey in 2014.