Alternate Oklahoma Uniforms Sure to Anger Traditionalists


Perhaps it’s coincidence, but someone opted to tweeted the first images of new, alternate Oklahoma uniforms when much of the sports-watching nation was preoccupied with USMNT vs. Belgium. That might be for the best: the Sooners’ new duds are sure to send traditionalists into a frothy-mouthed frenzy.

Don’t reach for that heart medication just yet. The Sooners are not doing away with the garb long associated with the program altogether. Via, the alternate Oklahoma uniforms “will occasionally supplement the traditional OU home and road uniforms the team has sported for decades and will continue to utilize on a regular basis.”

And, per usual protocol, the new threads are for the players. details running back Brennan Clay’s campaign for alternates in 2013.

“Coach Stoops,” Clay said, addressing Stoops through a ScoopHD TV camera, “I just want them new. Something different.”

Oklahoma is one of the first Nike-sponsored programs with a traditional uniform introducing alts, but the Sooners are hardly the sole traditional powerhouse dabbling in something new. Adidas put together all-red alts for Nebraska in 2012, and a black top for the Cornhuskers in 2013.

Michigan has sported various alternate looks the last few seasons, most recently the below from the 2013 Outback Bowl:

Adidas was also responsible for Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series attire, worn in the Irish’s neutral site-home games the last few seasons.

Notre Dame became a partner of Under Armour this year, the company responsible for the many outlandish uniforms Maryland has sported since 2011. While the Fighting Irish will remain loyal to the traditional navy jersey, gold pants and shiny, gold helmet with which the program is identified, Notre Dame will again wear a Shamrock Series alternate in 2014.

Players love alternates. It’s that simple. Here’s members of Notre Dame’s 2013 team reacting to the unveiling of their Shamrock Series uniforms:

Likewise, the alternate Oklahoma uniforms should be a hit with the Sooners. The trend isn’t going anywhere, so just enjoy the ride, traditionalists. And take some solace in knowing Nick Saban will *never* allow Alabama to wear chrome helmets.