Redshirt Fridays: Staying Occupied During College Football Off-Season


Man cannot exist on football alone. Hence, The College Football Huddle welcomes you to Redshirt Friday. Redshirt Friday is a discussion of topics either loosely affiliated with football, or having nothing to do with the great sport. If you have a subject you would like to see tackled on Redshirt Friday, email

One-hundred and four days until the 2014 college football season (h/t College Football Countdown). If you’ve made it this far without real, live college football, congratulations. We are actually past the midway point between the BCS Championship Game and the kickoff of the first matchup of the new campaign.

Still, we’re roughly 31/2 months until the 2014 season gets underway, which is just about as long as the football season lasts. Phrased thusly, there remains a considerable amount of time to be filled.

There are plenty of sports options in the weeks to come with the NBA and NHL Playoffs continuing for another month; the MLB season lumbering on; and the 2014 World Cup getting underway in Brazil next month.

For the truly college-football addicted, ESPNU, Big Ten Network and Pac-12 Networks regularly air “classic” games (the quotations mean the term is used rather liberally in certain instances). There’s probably also a few dozen replays of Texas’ epic encounter with New Mexico State from last season airing on Longhorn Network.

The preview magazines also hit newsstands in the coming weeks, though there seem to be fewer every season. Blame the industry-wide decline of the print industry.

But as the above tagline for Redshirt Fridays says, Man cannot exist on football only. Summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the TV you may have missed while on a four-month college football bender. I have been binging on HBO’s Veep, a fantastic comedy that also serves as a reminder of just how horrible early 1990s fashion was.

Here’s Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes in 1992:

Elaine Seinfeld

And here is Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer in 2012:


Certainly the settings for each show require much different wardrobes, but rest assured that on a present-day Seinfeld, Jerry would not wear white tennis shoes with stone-washed jeans.

Fashion has changed in the last 20 years in college football, as well. Here’s Miami vs. Cal from 1990, wherein you’ll notice the prevalence of neck-rolls and belly-jerseys:

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack is bringing back the belly-jersey.

I’m still waiting for the return of the neck-roll.

In addition to TV binge-watching, my movie intake is about tenfold higher in the summer than during the football season. While I plan to see some of the upcoming and just-released blockbusters like Godzilla, I am also taking my love of college football to the screen. And I’d like to invite you, dear reader, to join me.

Every other Friday until the start of the season, Redshirt Friday Cinema is discussing a college football-themed and/or related film. The series debuts next week with the 1984 classic Revenge of the Nerds, which can be streamed online via Hulu.