Saturday Six-Pack, Friday Edition: Week 1 Picks

Everyone make it through Opening Night unscathed? Good, because there’s little time to catch your breath before diving into the Friday edition of Week 1 picks, served up cold in the Saturday Six-Pack.

First-time readers might understandable be asking themselves: why is a column laying out Week 1 picks for a Friday night called Saturday Six-Pack? And why is Lex Luger the headline image?

First, the Saturday Six-Pack is the weekly preview and prediction section here at CFB Huddle. With the exception of Thanksgiving weekend, this space is dedicated to Saturdays. Week 1 picks cannot be contained to merely one day, however. No, no, no!

Now, as for Lex Luger’s inclusion? The Total Package played on the line for the Miami Hurricanes in the late 1970s, teaming with such noteworthy Hurricane legends as Jim Kelly and current head coach of The U., Mark Richt.

Onto the Friday night Week 1 picks. But first!

FRIDAY SIX-PACK: Firestone Walker Easy Jack Summer Session IPA


Hats off to the brewery who first thought of the session IPA. I love a good IPA as much as the next beer dork, but the hoppy, bitter brew sometimes proves too cumbersome. Considering we’re just Day 2 into a five-day college football marathon, it can’t be treated as a sprint.

Of the sessionables, Central Coast brewery Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack is the best. It has enough of the hoppiness that IPA connoisseurs seek, but keeps it light.


Thursday night’s picks went great if your sole concern was straight-up winners and losers. If point spreads are your thing, well…the Saturday Six-Pack is for informational and entertainment purposes only.