College Football News June 5: Nick Saban on The SEC Conduct Policy


Nick Saban was critical of the SEC conduct policy introduced at last month’s conference meetings in Destin, Florida, so his continued lamenting of the rule precluding intra-league transfers following serious arrests isn’t necessarily a surprise.

His misunderstanding of the SEC conduct policy, on the other hand, is a bit shocking. Per Matt Zenitz of, Saban detailed to media at his charity golf tournament his stance on the rule:

I understand what they’re trying to do, and I was really [looking] to clearly define exactly why — or what — I thought convicted and felonies should be involved in the rule, and I guess I got sort of misinterpreted. But one of the points that I tried to make was Cam Newton being in the SEC and Nick Marshall being in the SEC benefited the SEC, and it benefited those players.

“So if those players were not allowed to play in the SEC they’d be playing someplace else. What I’m most concerned about, I just think that we should have the same rules in the SEC as all the other Big 5 schools have because now we’re not just talking about the SEC.

The problem? The rule would not have kept Cam Newton from transferring to Auburn from Florida, nor Nick Marshall from going to Auburn after Georgia. Both attended junior colleges in the interim, but neither was accused of violent crimes — the kind of crimes the SEC conduct policy is designed to tackle, and the sort of crimes dismissed Alabama lineman Jonathan Taylor was accused of upon his dismissal from Georgia.

Saban’s argument from the introduction of the rule was that the SEC endorsing such a restriction differentiated it from the rest of the nation. This is true, but someone has to be the leader. Frankly, given the ugliness of the Jonathan Taylor situation, the SEC’s response deserves kudos.

Intrigue But No Guarantees Follow Greyson Lambert to Georgia

Today’s U.

Georgia is taking on a transfer of another kind in former Virginia Cavalier Greyson Lambert. The Bulldogs’ uncertain quarterback outlook after spring practices likely means Lambert will immediately jump into the competition, but the highly touted prep prospect from Georgia has a lot do to prove himself.

Lambert struggled at Virginia to such a degree, head coach Mike London said Lambert was “not close” to Matt Johns in the Wahoos’ competition.

Oregon-Michigan State Highlights The First Month of TV Action in the Pac-12

Athlon Sports

I lay out a TV planner for the first few weeks in the Pac-12 season at Athlon Sports. There are no shortage of attractive options, but the must-watch games are spelled out clearly.

Boston College and Georgia Tech to Play in Ireland in 2016

Following Notre Dame-Navy and UCF-Penn State in their recent excursions, Boston College and Georgia Tech will take the game of college football across the Atlantic to Ireland.

For Boston College, this is actually a return to Ireland. The Eagles played Army there in 1988. This trip is landmark for Georgia Tech, and also marks the first time a conference game between FBS programs will be played there.

Aviva Stadium, which hosted Navy-Notre Dame, will host Georgia Tech-Boston College contest. Penn State and UCF played in Croke Park.